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Ngobaran Beach is located in Kanigoro Village, Saptosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The name Ngobaran comes from the word inflammatory which means burning. This is related to the final history of Majapahit kingdom existence and the Islamic kingdom era in Indonesia. On this coast King Brawijaya V, the leader of Majapahit kingdom, did moksa. The king performed a self-burning ceremony that caused a great fire. This was done because the king did not want to fight with his own son who is Raden Patah (the first king of Demak kingdom which is Islamic kingdom).
Ngobaran beach is quite exotic. Entering the beach area visitors will be greeted with a gate that contains some statues such as Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, etc. At the end of the gate there is a statue of Lord Vishnu riding the Garuda overlooking the sea. I came to this beach at about 11:00 am. Its water was receding at that time so I could see algae growing on the sidelines of the reef. There are also some locals who are looking for fish with simple fishing rods. Rocks that surround the beach, reefs around the coast, wide-spread algae, community's activities, and the gates feel united as a unity and provide a reassuring scene.

Here some photos that I took from Ngobaran beach. Enjoy! :)

The Gate with Its Statue Near Ngobaran Beach Enterence 

Lord Vishnu Riding The Garuda

Stair Acess to The Beach

Locals who are Looking for Fish

 Algae on the Sidelines of The Reef


                Located 27 km to the south of downtown Jogjakarta and well known for the big waves and myths about Nyi Roro Kidul, Parangtritis beach is an awesome place. Enjoy the morning  on this beach is an unforgatable things.
I came in the high tides season, therefore the beach area had viewer visitors. I arrived at about 6:30 am. The waves were still friendly. The sky had been blue and the sunshine illuminate warmly. Not many visitors there, but i could see some local people did their activities. Some people were cleaning up the beach, some people were getting ready to earn money, and others were enjoying the morning view. Everything was looking perfectly beautiful.

Here some photos that I took from Parangtritis beach. Enjoy! :)

Garbage Carrier

Two Men Were Sweeping The Litter

A Man Was Ridding His Horse Cart

A Man Was Exploring The Beach

A Man Was Pretending As Waves Handler

Waiting for Waves

Ngayogyakarta Palace or Keraton Jogja is one of the places that must be visited if you are in this “gudeg city. Located in the city center, make us easily find the palace. There are 2 entrances to get into the palace, the first one is Tepas Keprajuritan or in front of the north plaza, and the second is Tepas Pariwisata or Regol Keben. If you come from Tepas Keprajuritan then you only can enter to pagelaran room, Siti Hinggil,and see several palace collections. If you come from Tepas pariwisata then you can enter Sri Manganti and Kedhaton complex where there are Kencono room-the palace main hall.
 I came to the palace from the Tapas Pariwisata, I was immediately amazed by the atmosphere. In the inside, we were greeted by the traditional, yet luxurious buildings of the palace and courtiers who wore traditional clothes. Goes deeper, we would be treated to palace collections that were still very well preserved and saw the daily activities of courtiers. All of that things seemed harmonious. Enjoy every detail is the best way to enjoy this place.

re are some following photos that i took at the Keraton Jogja:

Welcome to Yogyakarta Palace

Enjoy The Leisure Time at Pendopo

Chatting with Friends

Enjoy The Free Time

A Courtier in Frame

Walking Together in Harmony

Hallo guys! akhirnya gue balik lagi *yeay*Jadi selama ini gue ngilang karena lagi sibuk nyiapin diri belajar buat UN (yap walaupun gabuat kelulusan lagi tapi tetep harus belajar kan)
Nah sekarang untuk permulaan (berhubung udah lama banget gak hunting foto yang niat) gue mau ngeshare secuil hasil jepret-jepret iseng yang gue ambil pas ngebolang.

Check it out guys! Enjoy:)

Suasana Pagi di Jakarta

Pekerja Proyek

Jembatan Busway

Senja di Langit Jakarta


Keindahan Hujan di Tengah Kemacetan dan Terangnya Lampu Jakarta

Hari ini adalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu bagi semua rakyat Indonesia. Hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia ke 70. Usia yang tidak muda lagi jika kita bandingkan dengan usia manusia. Di hari kemerdekaan ini apa makna kemerdekaan bagi kalian?

Menurut saya kemerdekaan itu memiliki 3 arti penting, yaitu:

Pertama, merdeka dari belenggu kezaliman. Yaitu merdeka dari rasa ketakutan, penindasan, dan ketidakadilan. Tidak ada perlakuan timpang antara warga satu dan yang lain, tidak ada diskriminatif hukum antara si kaya dan si miskin, dan tidak ada kebijakan yang tujuannya bukan untuk kepentingan masyarakat.

Kedua, merdeka dari kesulitan mendapatkan kehidupan yang layak. Yaitu kemudahan untuk mencukupi kebutuhan dasar guna mendapatkan kualitas hidup yang lebih baik. Harga makanan pokok yang lebih terjangkau untuk semua golongan masyarakat, pemberian pakaian dan tempat tinggal yang lebih layak untuk masyarakat yang membutuhkan (baik tuna wisma ataupun korban bencana alam, baik di pelosok ataupun di kota), pemberian kemudahan untuk mengakses bantuan kesehatan sampai ke pelosok daerah tanpa diskriminasi, dan pemberian wajib belajar gratis dari SD-SMP-SMA bagi semua anak bangsa yang tidak mampu.

Ketiga, merdeka dari kesenjangan sosial. Yaitu menciptakan tatanan masyarkat yang sederajat, saling memuliakan, kesetaraan hak sebagai penduduk bangsa tanpa membedakan kultur dan kelasnya. Pemberian kualitas pendidikan yang sederajat antara anak-anak kota dengan anak-anak di pelosok Indonesia, pemberian serta peluasan lapangan kerja yang merata dengan upah layak di seluruh wilayah Indonesia, dan pembangunan infrastuktur di seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

Itulah arti kemerdekaan menurut saya. Jika ketiga aspek di atas sudah dijalankan dengan baik, saya yakin Indonesia akan menjadi bangsa yang lebih makmur dan sejahtera. Bagaimana menurut kalian?

Kampung Naga From Far
     Kampung Naga or Dragon village is located in Neglasari, Salawu, Tasikmalaya. The people that still adhere to traditional values.  Despite being visited by many tourists they do not want to be called as a tourist village. The people of Kampung Naga do not depend on tourists, they live by traditional values ​​from generation to generation.

     To enter Kampung Naga we have to pass 439 stairs first. There are 113 buildings in Kampung Naga (includes Mosque, Balai Kampung and barns). The number of the buildings are never increased, although the number of population increases. The settlements here have a slightly different size and shape but the houses were built with the same material. Stilt houses  with wooden floors and white walls and “ijuk” roof. The buildings here are not fenced unless one building located at the top is called Bumi Ageng. From this place elders and local residents begin the ritual before they visit ancestral graves. The building is not accessible for any person and forbidden to take photo.

     In the village there are two forests which should not be disturbed.  We should not take anything from here. They were called sacred forests (abode of  dragon ancestral) and the forbidden forests (none of the visitors are allowed to enter this forest). There are fish ponds and  souvenir shops  in the village.

     Although the village is identic to the traditional  but this village has been touched by the modernity. Local residents already using clothes, go to school, have a good irrigation system using PVC pipe, use mobile handphone, Radio, Television. However the  Electricity doesn’t exist in Kampung Naga, but they are using accumulator instead. Yes, they do not refuse the presence of technology, if it give them benefit for their life.

Here some photos that I took from Kampung Naga. Enjoy! :)

Kampung Naga From The Highest Peak

Irrigation In Kampung Naga
Food Vendors In Kampung Naga

Food Vendors In Kampung Naga

Souvenir Stall In Kampung Naga

A Woman Is Sweeping The Yard

A Woman Is Going To Fetch Water

A Woman And Her Daughter Are Going To Fetch Water

A Middle Aged Woman Is Washing Her Clothes

A Middle Aged Woman Is Drying Her Clothes

A Woman Is Washing Her Cutlery

Village Woman Planting Paddy
Village Woman Pounding Rice
AResident Warehouse

Work Equipment


Two little girls

Using Mobile Phone

Using Mobile Phone

Mother And Her Daughter