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Good Morning from Parangtritis

By 28.6.16


                Located 27 km to the south of downtown Jogjakarta and well known for the big waves and myths about Nyi Roro Kidul, Parangtritis beach is an awesome place. Enjoy the morning  on this beach is an unforgatable things.
I came in the high tides season, therefore the beach area had viewer visitors. I arrived at about 6:30 am. The waves were still friendly. The sky had been blue and the sunshine illuminate warmly. Not many visitors there, but i could see some local people did their activities. Some people were cleaning up the beach, some people were getting ready to earn money, and others were enjoying the morning view. Everything was looking perfectly beautiful.

Here some photos that I took from Parangtritis beach. Enjoy! :)

Garbage Carrier

Two Men Were Sweeping The Litter

A Man Was Ridding His Horse Cart

A Man Was Exploring The Beach

A Man Was Pretending As Waves Handler

Waiting for Waves

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  1. Bolak balik ke jogja gunung kidul dan sekitar nya tapi aku ngak pernah melipir ke parangtritis ihik ihik

    1. Wah sayang banget mas! Nanti kalau ke jogja lagi coba eksplor bagian selatannya. Banyak pantai keren disana. Salah satu contohnya ada di artikel terbaru saya :)