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Greetings from Yogyakarta Palace

By 18.6.16

Ngayogyakarta Palace or Keraton Jogja is one of the places that must be visited if you are in this “gudeg city. Located in the city center, make us easily find the palace. There are 2 entrances to get into the palace, the first one is Tepas Keprajuritan or in front of the north plaza, and the second is Tepas Pariwisata or Regol Keben. If you come from Tepas Keprajuritan then you only can enter to pagelaran room, Siti Hinggil,and see several palace collections. If you come from Tepas pariwisata then you can enter Sri Manganti and Kedhaton complex where there are Kencono room-the palace main hall.
 I came to the palace from the Tapas Pariwisata, I was immediately amazed by the atmosphere. In the inside, we were greeted by the traditional, yet luxurious buildings of the palace and courtiers who wore traditional clothes. Goes deeper, we would be treated to palace collections that were still very well preserved and saw the daily activities of courtiers. All of that things seemed harmonious. Enjoy every detail is the best way to enjoy this place.

re are some following photos that i took at the Keraton Jogja:

Welcome to Yogyakarta Palace

Enjoy The Leisure Time at Pendopo

Chatting with Friends

Enjoy The Free Time

A Courtier in Frame

Walking Together in Harmony

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  1. salam kenal mbak andita.

    baca postingan ini jadi ingat kenangan masa kecil ketika masih sering diajak piknik ke keraton jogja sama bapak. kini sudah lama sekali belum menginjakkan kaki lagi di rumahnya sultan. kalau nggak salah, terakhir kesana jaman SD haha.

    1. salam kenal juga ya.

      Wah sudah lama juga ya. Senang mendengar tulisan saya mengingatkan pada memori yang manis:)